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Friday, July 11, 2014

Update on Jasmine-AKA-Cookie Monster

Sorry I have not updated sooner. I not really good at posting things online. I don't even have a Facebook or Twitter account. My sisters are always telling me I need to be on Facebook, I ask why I have your phone numbers and I know where you live I will just call or come over when I want to talk or spend time with you. I am a little old school on that, so I am not real good at keeping up with posting.

Jasmine is doing really well. She has turned into a spoiled diva. Who really likes her dog biscuits(we call them cookies) when she eats them she is always covered in crumbs and so is her bedding, which is the reason I call her Cookie Monster. She is no longer scared of us, in fact she uses my husband as a chew toy. She is still scared of other people, but she is getting much better since we have been able to take her on walks for a while now. She is even getting better around other animals, she has been terrified of other animals since we brought her home. We think she was attacked while on the streets, she has scars on her that look like bite marks. Our vet said just take baby steps with her because she was very traumatized while she was living on the streets. She has now been chipped and is up to date on all her shots etc, her weight is much better now. In fact the vet said she went from being under weight to being slightly over weight. The vet said that she is a Great Dane as we thought but they are not sure if she might be a mix with maybe a Black Lab or her growth was stunted from being on the streets. Here is a picture of her on a walk:

As you can see she is not the size of a Great Dane at 2 to 2 1/2 years old. But that is all right with us we like her just the way she is. 

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