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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Name Game

I know many of you think I am talking about the Royal baby born just yesterday. Congrats by the way to the Royal family!!! What a happy time for them.

But I am referring to author pen names. Rachel Rain is my pen name. Many of you that know me already know this of coarse and know where the name came from. The dilemma I am trying to work out is do I use this pen name for all my Romance writing or just for my spicier Romances? I love the name and it has a special meaning to me. 
But I would love to get feed back on what readers think. Would you expect all my Romances to follow along the same genre or would it matter as long as they are "labeled" so you know what they are? 
I know that some Romance authors use different pen names for the different Romance genres they write in and some write under the same name for all there different genres. So I was wondering if I should come up with a different pen name. All of my stories are Romance but some are Romantic suspense, some are Paranormal Romance, some Contemporary Romance, etc....  

Or should I just keep writing everything under Rachel Rain?  

My next story that I am working on is a Romantic Suspense I am over 32,000 words into it so I am trying to figure out what name I should put it under. I am pushing to finish it by October. 

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