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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cool things from Houston

Today I had jury duty, I was not picked to serve on the jury but on my way home I saw just a few things that I think make Houston a cool place. So I took a few pictures to show you guys.

First Houston has some really great buildings, some date back to the eighteen hundreds. I don't know if the buildings I took a picture of do but they are really cool to look at. I love old buildings, they have so much character. 

This picture is The Houston Cotton Exchange building, when I took the picture today I did not know what it was. I had turned myself around in downtown(which has happened more than once) and was trying to figure out how to leave downtown when I pulled up to this building and I loved the look of it, so I took a picture. Then I did some looking online for historical buildings in downtown Houston and this picture came up. 

Needles to say I was shocked when I saw it was the same building I had taken a picture of today. 
Here is a little information on it(I got this from Wikipedia):

The 1884 Houston Cotton Exchange Building is a building located in HoustonTexas that was built in 1884. It was designed by Eugene T. Heiner. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here is another building, look at top of it, I did not get up close to it but I would guess it looks even more impressive up close:

And last but not least check out these guys that just hang out beside the road, well a freeway is a road of sorts; this is off of I-10:

Thanks for letting me show you a very small piece of Houston. 

What are some great things about where you live?

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