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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My name is Rachel Rain, I am a new Romance author. My first Romance novel “CHANGING THE RULES” has been picked up and will be published by New Concepts Publishing, tentatively scheduled for spring 2013.

CHANGING THE RULES is a Contemporary Erotic Romance:

Jackson Wells has traveled to Las Vegas on a business trip for the company he owns. With all his concentrate on running his business lately; he has had no time for a social life. It was time for a little fun and relaxation. He decides that since he will be in Vegas he would pay for some fun. No hassles that come with a relationship, no emotional attachment; just sex.
Star has been an escort in Vegas for some time when Jack hires her for a night. The minute she meets the sexy business man she knows she wants to get to know him better. 
They both know that for one night it's a sure thing, but what if they want more.

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