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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Writing Advice

Over the weekend, me and my husband went to a Best Buy. While there I meet two ladies and we started talking about my book and writing, they were asking me about how to write etc.... 

I told them I don't have a lot of experience. But I found tons of help online and from writing magazines etc....

So this got me to thinking, why not give a list so that maybe it can help other writers. So here is a list of the places that I "went to" for help, I hope this helps with any and all writers out there, you will see a lot of Romance references because I write Romance.  Some are magazines that I have subscriptions to. 

From Writers Digest magazine:

On Writer Digest web site you can buy books that help with writing as well, really great books. Here are just a few that I own:

From The Writer magazine:

From Harlequin Romance:

From Romantic Times Book club Magazine:

From Writing World:

I found this online from Wiki How(watch the video):

And this is were the video came from(YouTube):

I know there is more information out there, this is all I can think for now. 
Another thing you might try is going to your favorite authors website, many of my favorite authors have help for writers on their web sites. 

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