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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bringing Jasmine home

As summer ends and fall begins so does a new chapter in our lives, Hi guys. I know I have not been posting lately and I am sorry but life has been a bit busy. One thing that has kept us busy has been our new dog, Jasmine. She was a rescue dog, she had been living on the streets here in Houston at a Home Depot. My husband had seen her a while back and had been feeding her but she had always ran from him, so he had not been able to catch her. He contacted a rescue organization here that helped us catch her, so we could bring her home. She has been here for a few weeks and is doing well but still needs to put on more weight. She has started showing signs of being a puppy wanting to play etc... We are so happy to see that, when she first came to us she would jump and start to hide in our back yard if we walked out the backdoor. Now she comes up to us wanting attention, nudging us with her head, licking our hands etc... She is still scared of being just in front of our house, she does well in our back yard though. It will take time before we can even take her for walks. Right now our focus is on getting her to feel that this is home now, and she is safe. 
I will keep you guys updated on how Jasmine is doing.

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